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Feeling dissatisfied with the level of economic integration of refugees and migrants in your country? 
Do you want to use some of your expertise and time to help a newcomer seize their next opportunity to thrive?
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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to connect newcomers to their better future 

Are you a newcomer looking into your next opportunity to thrive?
We spent a year investigating opportunities available for refugees, onsite and online, in Europe and beyond...
We then built an algorithm that uses your basic data to match you in real-time to the one(s) that you need most
It takes 2 min. Try it out!
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Are you an organization or an individual looking into accessing, nurturing or recruiting refugee talent?
Are you interested in providing a job/  training/ education opportunity to  newcomers? 
We can bring your ideal target group to you
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Need more details? Want to help us out? Contact us!
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